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Cardano Foundation Recalls Charles Hoskinson’s 2017 Legendary Move



The Cardano Foundation revealed that back in 2017, Charles Hoskinson did a memorable thing for the whole community.

Check out the post that the Foundation shared on social media.

The feedback for the video was a positive one just as always.

Someone said: “Legendary Indeed! The whiteboard video got me hooked, line, and sinker. I share the video with people all the time. Amazing to watch the dream become reality. My mentor and ally @IOHK_Charles is positively impacting the world. I picked up a shovel to help, have you? Going for #1.”

A follower posted this message: “watched this in Oct 2017, the first introduction to crypto and made my first investment. On Nov 27 (my birthday) it started going up a lot. Lost most of my profit in the bear market though.”

A commenter posted this message on YouTube: “I came from the future! Cardano is 100 dollar 🙂 well done guys! and yes Cardano Shelly Project is active, and I can’t wait for the gougen to come a long and make Cardano even better. 🙂 Thanx to the team who support this project for a long time.”

Cardano reveals an important milestone

Cardano has been making headlines a lot these days due to all kinds of achievements that the team has been making.

Cardano is in the spotlight again after the team behind the project reported an important achievement. Check out the post that they shared on Twitter.

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