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Tron (TRX) is now officially in the WallStreetsBets Reddit Group



Justin Sun recently expressed that TRX is now officially on the WallStreetsBets Reddit Group.

There is an excitement building around the WallStreetsBets Group.  For clarity, WallStreetBets is a Reddit Community group that has been around since 2012.  The new excitement is because, there was an overnight growth of traffic past 1.5 million users through 6 million and more users on Friday.  The traffic is a mix of day traders and meme lovers.

The group’s members purchased shares in Gamestop, US Video Game Retailer en masse.  This mass buying of the shares left the price skyrocketing from $4 in January to $347.51 on Wednesday.


Previously, those who were bearish on the stock value of Game Stop sold their stocks short.  Melvin Capital and Citron Research being investors had the option to sell their company’s stock short.  The investors bet that the value of the Game Stop shares will go down. However, they lost their bet as the members of the WallStreetBets, the SubReddit Group bought the stocks and raised the stock price.

This is a serious attempt to blow up shorters.  The TRON Foundation Weekly Report reports that the TRON Blockchain height exceeded 27.14M.  Also, the total number of transactions on the TRON Network has crossed 1.5B.  Also, the ZT Exchange, Kucoincom, Cobo Wallet, Bitpie Wallet, BitKeepsOS are supporting the deposits and withdrawal of ETHTRON.

TRC20-ETH and Withdrawal

For clarity TRC20-ETH, a TRC20 token based on TRON which injects Ethereum’s value to the TRON network and powers JUST ecosystem. Its advantages lie in reliability and efficiency. TRC20 (TRC20 Token Standard) is a token standard, which is based on the implementation of smart contract when using TRON network to issue a token.


Token Pocket is a leading blockchain wallet on ETH, BTC, EOS, TRON, Polkadot, Kusama, BSC, Heco and etc.  The good news is that Token Pocket_TP now supports the deposit and withdrawal of ETHTRON.

Also, GuardaWallet have supported the withdrawal of ETHTRON.

TRON has been recently in the news for $USDT TRC20.  Paolo Ardoino expressed that the 320K daily transfers is impressive.  This left some of the community members wondering how people are overlooking TRON.


TRON continues to be one of the strongest competitors in the crypto space.  It provides for nearly instant, free and optionally private transactions and one of the robust dapps in the world.

The TRX community attitude now is like:  Let’s find a way to make TRX go viral like GME and others so we can squeeze out all these short sellers and send TRON to the moon. TRX is almost ready to go vertical it just needs to become a meme.

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