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Chief Executive Of Uber: Uber Will Accept Bitcoin As A Form Of Payment Provided The Company Sees A Real Need For It To Do So



Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said his ride-hailing app is willing to accept Bitcoin and crypto payments if there is a need and benefit from this.

Uber is willing to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments if there is a need

In an interview with CNBC on Thursday, Khosrowshahi said:

However, when asked more about the possibility that Uber will directly invest in Bitcoin as the rumor has spread, the CEO affirmed:

Thereby, Uber has become the latest giant to speak out about accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments. As AZCoin News reported, after Tesla publicly announced its $ 1.5 billion investment in BTC, Visa and Mastercard simultaneously announced they are researching the possibility of integrating cryptocurrencies into their global payment systems.

Earlier, also in the evening of today (February 11), the oldest bank in the United States, BNY Mellon, revealed that it is preparing to launch Bitcoin and crypto custody services for institutional customers. This news caused the BTC price to set a new ATH high at $ 48,400.


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