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Advantages of Stellar Lumens Network Improved With the Coming of USDC



The Stellar ecosystem is full of information about USDC and what different people have to state about it.

Gbubemi Agbeyegbe, Technical Director at Cowrie Exchange, shared his POV on how USDC will make cross-border payments on Stellar a lot more efficient. He stated all thanks to USDC’s liquidity and reputation on the global market. He pointed to how at Cowrie they provide cross border payments in Nigeria. He stated that USDC coming to Stellar will make their payment services a lot more efficient, because USDC is regulated and therefore a trusted stable coin.  He pointed to how it has lot of liquidity in global markets.

USDC coming to Stellar means that all the advantages of Stellar, which is a centralized exchange and lightning fast very cheap transactions can now take advantage of USDC and US dollar transactions.

Amit Sharma, CEO FinclusiveCap describes what about USDC makes it prime for adoption in the marketplace as well as its far-reaching impact on Finclusive and the Stellar greater ecosystem. He stated that Finclusive are in particular very, very excited about the incorporation of the USDC in to the Stellar Ecosystem, because it reinforces and grows our capabilities and to financial inclusion.  The enhanced stability and liquidity characteristics of USDC globally will enhance our ability to provide transactions cross border for households, individuals, and customers and partner organizations in a stable and highly liquid and growing asset like USDC.

Amit also stated that USDC has grown over 1000% year on year and has nearly 6 billion in circulation and our ability to facilitate transactions in to and out of the emerging markets frontiers with the US with the USDC via the Stellar Rails will only enable it for that many more communities in the organizations that we serve.

Also, DSTOQ is as of now supporting USDC. Both, the android app and the iOS app have been updated; existing users just need to upgrade to enjoy trading with USDC.

An excited Denelle Dixon recently stated, in less than a week, we’ve already seen how USDC has taken off on the Stellar network. She has already reported on how businesses are already using USDC and what this means for use cases on Stellar.

Anyone who looked in to the video, will be able to sense the passion and excitement in Denelle’s face, which is just proof of a very exciting thing that is happening, which she is expressively happy about.


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