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ChainLink (LINK) Continuing to Make the World More Fair With their Re-instatements



ChainLink expressed that they are excited to award Kurtosis Tech a grant to build an automated testing framework that devs can use to stress-test Chainlink oracle networks, allowing them to verify their oracle’s resilience during black swan events and to test its upper scalability limits.

The Foreign Exchange (FX) market averages over $6T in volume daily, representing a major opportunity for DeFi derivatives. Users are now learning how to use ChainLink FX Price Feeds in their Solidity smart contracts to build advanced and hyper-reliable financial products.

Sergey Nazarov recently expressed, the difference between paper promises/brand-based contracts and cryptographic/math-based contracts will continue to become clearer as paper promises fail. Reaching a tipping point where smart contracts become the expected global standard for all contracts.

He pointed to how people are universally surprised when something goes wrong in a country. And, the ATMs get locked up and they shift to Bitcoin.  Also, pointed to how the reason they shift to Bitcoin is that it does not matter if you have a billion dollars in Bitcoin, if you have a private key, if you have the private key – the mathematical proof in your hand to move that asset, there is no way that can’t happen short of physics and mathematics starting to work differently.  This he stated is the unique difference between brand-based and math-based guarantee.

ChainLink Integrations and Use Cases

Hakka Finance are using ChainLink Price Feeds on mainnet to settle positions in their Hakka Intelligence prediction market. Chainlink’s decentralized infrastructure and wide market coverage ensure accurate outcomes with strong resistance to manipulation.

Plasm Network have recently explained why they’re natively integrating Chainlink’s market-leading oracle network, highlighting Chainlink’s time-tested solutions, flexible infrastructure, and high-quality data, with numerous signed data sources running their own nodes.

Decentralized film financing platform we are mogul are all set to integrate Chainlink to provide audited film budget data and fair market exchange rates on-chain. Mogul will use this data to distribute transparent, automated dividends to investors of indie films.

NFT collectibles dApp EtherCats are using Chainlink VRF on mainnet to assign verifiably random ratings and multipliers to its cat-based NFTs. Chainlink VRF ensures all EtherCat artwork/trading cards have a provably fair chance at receiving in-demand traits.

Chainlink Price Feeds provide ready-made decentralized price oracle solutions for DeFi developers wanting to launch new markets in secure, yet accelerated manner. Integrate the REN/ETH Chainlink Price Feed today to support REN markets, already relied on by Aave Aave.