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Ethereum price may shortly hit $2000, strong bullish run expected



  • ETH price experienced massive increase against the US dollar, trading above the $1850 before modifying.
  • ETH/USD is expected to reach $2000.

Recently, Ethereum price hit a new record high of almost $1870 before dipping slightly. With the current price volatility, analysts have predicted a strong bullish run and an expected price movement up to $2000 against the US dollar.

Alongside the most sought after cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum price experienced a massive uptrend in the past week. Both cryptocurrencies experienced significant increases as Ethereum rose well above $1700. Similarly, Bitcoin skyrocketed above the $45000 mark.

Ethereum price may shortly hit $2000, strong bullish run expected 1

As per data obtained from the 100 simple moving averages above, Ethereum price showed bullish activity well above the $1750 mark. Trading below the support levels between $1800 and $1750. Presently, it is steady along with the $1820 level and could experience the same price dip from $1870 to $1760 due to the similarity in 50% Fib retracement levels.

Ethereum price remains bullish 

According to the data, a bullish trend is expected. You can see that there is strong support near the $1800 mark. However, there may be a strong resistance along the $1840 level, and the same price dip expected (correction from $1870 to $1760) may cause another significant resistance.


Again, there will be another strong resistance further upwards near $1870, and a decisive break above this price level will lead to a strong bullish run close to $2000 against USD.

Dip expected for Ethereum price? 

All significant explanations have been focused on ETH price remaining bullish, but what happens if the price doesn’t break above $1870? If the price of Ethereum doesn’t keep up well above the $1850 before the major breakout, there may be a considerable downslide near the trend line support.

This huge downslide may fall well below the $1760 level and a strong support may be experienced further downwards near $1640 level. Therefore, Ethereum price volatility may lead to a huge decline, but the chances of a bullish run are more notable.


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