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Michael Saylor Says Stampede of Corporations Are Investing in Bitcoin



Michael Saylor, chief executive of the business intelligence software company MicroStrategy, says Bitcoin is going corporate at a rapid rate.

In a new CNN interview with Julia Chatterley, Saylor says companies are racing to consume the materials from MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin for Corporations event.

“Last week we had 7,000 different firms attend our Bitcoin for Corporations summit. The materials have gone viral with a quarter-million or more views in just a matter of days and I think a thousand companies adopted Bitcoin as digital gold after March of 2020 and there’s a stampede on in 2021, so it’s a story you’re going to hear.”


When asked whether the business intelligence firm is ditching its central software functions in order to become a company focused on the digital asset, Saylor says MicroStrategy is making the right move to preserve shareholder wealth.

He calls Bitcoin the world’s first monetary network and predicts it will be exponentially larger than Google or Facebook.

“We have two strategies. One strategy is to grow our software business and that is a good business. It makes a lot of money and it is growing.


Our second strategy is to acquire Bitcoin and Bitcoin is the emerging dominant digital monetary network. It’s going to be a hundred times bigger than Google or Facebook. And when companies like Amazon plugged into the internet, people didn’t say ‘Are you an internet company or a retail company?’ I think they’re a technology company who embraced the future. Everybody is eventually going to plug into a digital monetary network just like everybody eventually plugged into the internet.”

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