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TRC-20 Tether [USDT] Circulation On Tron Exceeds $12.4 Billion



More than $12.4 billion in the stablecoin Tether [USDT] has been issued on the Tron [TRX] blockchain as revealed by the foundation’s CEO Justin Sun.

This development comes three weeks after the project founder had revealed a milestone of $9.3 Billion USDT issued on Tron which was achieved after 644 days. The number of USDT issued on the blockchain has increased significantly since the first-ever 10 USDT was issued all the way back on the 17th of April, 2019.

The world’s largest stablecoin is also issued on a myriad of chains including Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Liquid, Solana, and Algorand.

And for the longest time, a great majority of Tether were minted using Ethereum’s ERC20 standard. However, the minted stablecoin using the TRC20 standard has seen a much larger transaction count in 2021.

Tron has rapidly emerged as the fastest-growing blockchain for USDT issuance.

Coin Metrics

TRC20-based USDT has seen a higher transaction count than ERC20-based USDT tokens every day this year. According to the latest chart compiled by Coin Metrics, it was found that Tron captured more transactions than both Ethereum and Bitcoin combined.

In a recent edition, Coin Metrics’ ‘State of Network’ report had revealed,

“Tether activity has increasingly shifted over to the Tron version of the stablecoin. Since the beginning of 2021, the amount of USDT_TRX active addresses has eclipsed the number USDT_ETH active addresses.”

Why Has Tron Been Successful In Attracting More Users?

The shift in this sentiment is undoubtedly the massive transaction fee in the Ethereum network that has resulted in users looking for affordable alternatives. In the case of Ethereum, the transaction fees have risen due to rising demand stemming from the flourishing decentralized finance [DeFi], while Tron fees, on the other hand, have remained minuscule.

Hence, the TRX network has managed to attract the issuance of not just teh most popular and widely used stablecoin but also other digital assets on its blockchain. The blockchain now hosts TRC-BTC, TRC-ETH, WBTC, WETH, WLTC, and TRC-AMPL.


Moreover, Sun had also hinted that more ‘wrapped’ digital assets will be issued on the network.

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