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VeChain (VET) is set to be the Amazon Web Service of the Blockchain



Sunny Lu recently expressed, If Blockchain is still like e-Commerce or Cloud 25 years ago, then VeChain is aiming to be AWS in crypto/Blockchain.

For clarity, AWS refers to the Amazon Web Services of the blockchain.

With the blockchain technology, smart-contracts and dApp technology becoming indispensable in individual and business scenarios, mass adoption of blockchain and dApps will materialize only with simplification of the dApp usage and crypto asset management.


Vechain Sync 2 alongside VeChainThor is the superior choice for mainstream dApp mass adoption as Sync 2 takes off the majority of the jargon and the difficulty due to the ‘blockchain-ness’ when it comes to using the blockchain. Sync 2 also makes it possible for users to experience dApps just like web-based applications, thus decreasing the barrier to entry.

VeChain is successful because the high barrier to entry to the blockchain industry has been well taken care of and the entry is made easy for new users.

For instance, when a user visits a blockchain-based URL and interacts with the page without installing Sync 2 or owning a crypto they get no help or response.


However, if they have installed the Sync 2, a wallet is generated in response to their attempt to perform an action using a ‘single page application’ (SPA). So, the user is now having a wallet without specifically working to get it installed.  Also, if the if dApp creators integrate the native fee delegation protocol, the eventual transaction fees from their action get paid for by the dApp owner. Using this model, the user will not have any experience or knowledge of the blockchain or its terminology to use of a dApp or blockchain product.

The good thing is that Sync 2 automatically takes care of wallet creation andin a live dApp, the user need not acknowledge the transaction costs at all, rather it will also be paid on their behalf by the dApp owner.

Use cases for Sync2 are Gaming/NFT Environment, sustainability application and others.


For instance, in Vimworld, which is a CREAM-owned collectible and gaming platform and in several other types of NFT platforms there are solid examples of applications which will be able to significantly benefit from the implementation of this technology.

The user will be able to purchase a VIM of their choice, with the transaction fees silently handled in the background. And, similarly in several other similar products.

User Experience matters the most in blockchain adoption and VeChain are doing a great job at it.