Ethereum Price Coiling up, Is It a Better Investment Than Traditional Assets Like

Ethereum Price Rally to Hit 5-Figures This Year!

The Ethereum price in recent times has sustained multiple rejections at $1800. Moreover, it had maintained strongly above the levels for a quite long time, also hit the highest levels at $1871 a couple of days before. However, the price experienced a slight pullback, yet poised to hit $2000 marks very soon.

Currently, ETH price is again testing the resistance levels at $1800 and attempting very hard to transcend the levels. The strong resistance levels are around $1824, and sustaining these levels are pretty important for a continued bull run.

Nevertheless, the ETH price is expected to hit $2000 very soon, and rally to attain a 5-figure level before the end of 2021 as predicted by an analyst, The Wolf of All Streets.

Moreover, according to another analyst, DOGE To $1, ETH price is all set to break $4000 levels within a month. As the price is expected to surge to the higher levels, is not investing in Ethereum a good deal than any other traditional asset like Gold?

Ethereum, The Best Investment Option in the modern world

Can you just imagine, Etherum price was around $100, a year back in March 2020? Yes, ETH has risen above the levels gaining more than 500% since then. No doubt the journey from these levels to the highest levels above $1800 included multiple pumps and dumps, the asset remained self-assured to clinch the upper levels.

On the other hand, Gold which is one of the most preferred assets to invest in registered less than 20% ROI in the past year. Currently, ETH price is very close to outperforming the Gold price per ounce yet again, it can be considered as a better investment option in the modern world.

Consider you investing $100 in ETH and Gold back in March 2020. You would have owned just a part of gold but a whole ethereum. And currently, the value of your investment would have grown like a monster as gold price were around $1500 to $1600 at that time.

No doubt, the gold price is not much volatile compared to that of Ethereum or Bitcoin, Ethereum price has manifested a sense of stability eliminating steep surges and plunges. Therefore one can surely think of Ethereum as means of investment that is expected to surge above $10,000 by the end of 2021.

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