Stellar Lumens (XLM) Hack the System from February 25, 2021 to 10 Weeks Forward

For those who are looking to develop on the blockchain, should check out Hack the System, which is set to begin on February 25, 2021 and is set to run for 10 weeks.

The Challenges are offered in 3 different categories with prices totaling $6K worth in XLM.  Entrepreneurial hack, API hack, Educational hack.

The challenge in Entrepreneurial hack, is to build a project on Stellar which will solve a specific real-world problem. The prize is worth $3K worth of XLM.

The Examples they cite consist of Uhuru Wallet, which is a WhatsApp-based wallet which allows them to sending intra-African payments, Vibrant, is a dollar-saving app for Argentines, and DSTOQ, which makes investing accessible and affordable for people in emerging markets.

API hack challenge is to build an app on Stellar which uses third party APIs, facilitating a prize worth of $2K worth of XLM.  Their goal in this process is to build an app on the Stellar test network which takes advantage of third-party APIs.  It is possible to integrate any API, which consists of offers by organizations like Google, Facebook, and Shopify.

Participants will be able to make use of the SDF Test Anchor API to further connect user wallet to a test on/off ramp.  Users will also be able to make us of Stellar-network-related APIs like those provided by or Further, a good example will be COINQVEST, which will help integrate with Shopify to help online merchants and e-commerce shops programmatically accept and settle payments using the new digital currencies while staying compliant.

In the Educational Hack, the challenge is to build a fun and gamified way to learn about Stellar.  The prize is worth $1K worth in XLM.

Those who are interested in Stellar but are not interested in creating a business-like project will like this project to build in a fun and hack away.  The challenge is to build a fun and gamified way to know more about Stellar like thinking quizzes, coding tutorials, team-building exercises, and a lot more.

A noteworthy example is Stellar Quest where the participants compete for XLM prizes by completing the challenges using the Stellar Laboratory.

The hack system works by involving teams which consists of 1 to 6 who work on their own idea or startup or answer a technical challenge from their sponsors. Thus, there is an overall top prize pool of £5k, as well as prizes per sponsor.