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Chainlink (LINK) Category of Grants Now Favoring More than Just Oracle Projects

The goal of ChainLink is to create an economically fair world.  They are focusing on furthering this goal beyond the DeFi Ecosystem.  Also, they are extending their grant program towards blockchain projects, which benefit the emerging markets to generally improve the society by using smart contracts.

They are looking to launch their category of grants in creating a social impact by using universally connected smart contracts. They are now looking for talented startups, non-governmental organizations, and non-profits who can help build the apps that are universally connected with smart contracts in a way that it improves the lives of everyday citizens and local communities from across the world.

It is very evident that now they are focusing on things beyond building the most secure and reliable oracle network to support the smart contract ecosystem.  Also, they are focusing on pushing the developers, projects, and organizations towards causes which help in universally connecting smart contacts in an openly accessible and equitable manner.

The now Chainlink’s explicit goal is to “Create an Economically Fair World;” in which they will make use of the Chainlink Grant Program to empower the teams and organizations, which strive towards unlocking the highest potential of the blockchain, smart contracts, and the oracle technology to better humanity.

They are looking to take things beyond vague brand promises and to create real value, which individuals and institutions can actually provide, thus helping achieve economic fairness, by improving quality in terms of service.

The new category of grants are focused on building economically fair and mathematically guaranteed social and financial systems. Just like the Internet has made it possible for the society to get unprecedented access to information right at the fingertips, universally connected smart contracts is set to creating a new financial primitive in overall improving the way we access, monetize, and exchange value. Thus, it is in the hands of developers from across the world to make it happen by taking advantage of the grant.

Chainlink (LINK) Integrations

Leading luxury watch data provider watch signals will run its own ChainLink node to make its price benchmarks available on-chain for developers, enabling new DeFi products like tokenized watches used as collateral & derivatives based on future prices.

With the growth of DeFi surging past $40B in USD value, ChainLink are continuing to launch the decentralized price oracles to support the creation of new markets. Developers are able to easily integrate the GBP/USD FX Rate into their dApps today and this is already relied on by synthetix_io and Celsius Network.


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