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DuckDAO to Use Chainlink Oracles to Improve Its Crypto Asset System

Crowdsourced incubator DuckDAO has teamed up with Chainlink to use its oracles for improving its ecosystem of DeFi and digital assets.

In a recent blog post DuckDAO has announced that it has partnered with Chainlink to utilze its oracles in decentralized finance apps to secure users’ funds and improve the crypto assets ecosystem.

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DuckDAO to integrate Chainlink’s Price Feed Oracles

DuckDAO spreads the word about starting a strategic collaboration with Chainlink in order to improve the development of blockchain projects with the help of oracles created by Chainlink.

The blog post says that the framework of Chainlink oracles is able to solve multiple issues that DuckDAO incubation projects face every day. The cooperation between the companies will be a long-term one and is expected to benefit both companies.

DuckDAO intends to implement Price Feed Oracles created by Chainlink and use the solutions of the latter in its DeFi apps to keep user funds secure.

Chainlink’s oracles enable DeFi apps to improve their standards of data quality and security without having to develop their own oracle solutions.

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