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VeChain (VET) Trying to Impact more with Tag Trace and Trust

A community user on VeChain stated they are open sourced and that nothing can stop people from replicating their code. However, he points to what makes it hard is to set up a mission for mass adoption, which definitely is one of the hardest in terms of finding a dedicated team, working hard while having an amazing community, which believes and supports the user like VeFam.

Bringing in trust in the products and assets is very crucial.  Products and assets have claims and attributes, which are best accepted when they are tagged with certificates, and product passports that have unique digital identity.  Thus, customers will be able to easily trace the product and asset back to the origin to check the validity and authenticity.

The reinstatement on Tag, Trace, and Trust makes sense because it helps issue a statement of conformity for the quality, performance, and environmental impact of products and assets.  The digital certifications will serve as a passport to make it possible to share the quality, performance and environmental impact on the products and assets.

The ability to maintain the integrity of the products to protect market position while differentiating a company and the product brands in a trusted way is crucial and is thus made possible.

Irrespective of whether it is a product of an industrial asset, it will be possible to guarantee origin and integrity in the throughput of the supply chain or across the life cycle.  It will be possible for end customers to verify and trace the shared attributes.  The immutable nature of the traceability helps build trust.

Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain stated, digitalization is the new black and blockchain cannot be missed. He also stated that VeChain will not be missed.

Users are continuing to spread the blockchain knowledge.  Also, questions to Sunny about the progress of upgrading testnet to PoA 2.0 is continuing.  The community are eagerly waiting for an update and AMA about VeChain.

There is always a critic who has a different query:  I wonder why VeChain does not profit from this Corona crisis. Your Track and Tracé would be a great help in solving this problem and would also help in a big way with the vaccines.  What is vechain doing with this?

Also, it has been stated by the community that Vechain needs to be more easily bought by the retail investor to explode in price. They also point to how there are countless people trying to buy in, but Binance taking weeks to verify. They are hopeful of getting a coinbase listing and a few others this year.


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