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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Slowly Signing Up Everyone From Across the World



Pablo Orlando, CEO of Settle Network, looks forward to empowering instant & cost-effective cross-border payments from Latin America to the United States with Stellar USDC.

It just looks like Stellar is slowly going about singing everyone up from across the world.  The community are excited about this development as it will likely increase Stellar’s market share.  Many of them are already getting a good feeling about this venture.

There are many users who are not bothered, whether the price of Stellar goes up or down, they just buy XLM because they support the Stellar Vision.

There are lot of suggestions coming from those who believe in Stellar.  One of the suggestions is from one Porcci:  I belong to the Stellar community in Brazil. I would like to strongly suggest an idea to everyone here. I am a user of the Amazon platform and I do not know if you know, but all users of this platform who are foreigners need to accumulate high amounts in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD and others in order to withdraw the amount, as small amounts are unviable.

He also stated my suggestion is that the Stellar network will be able to bridge the gap between Amazon and the user’s final account.  Thus, allowing similar users to receive smaller amounts of all currencies.

He further stated, I would like to suggest to anyone from the community and have access to someone from within the Stellar team, who can introduce this idea.

There are several other users who are coming up with their own suggestions.  It looks like Stellar gives weightage to everyone’s opinion, thus improving the starting of a great partnerships based on new ideas.

Also, Stellar USDC will soon be natively integrated into sendwyre’s API, thus permitting customers to make payments and move money between the world’s leading digital dollar stablecoin and local fiat currencies.

For clarity, Stellar USDC combines the power of the Stellar Network with a fully-backed and trusted digital US Dollar asset. Now, dollars can move anywhere, to anyone, in the form of Stellar USDC, and convert instantly into and out of the worlds’ currencies.

Also, Stellar USDC is available now for users who want to send and receive it.  The wallets and exchanges which currently support Stellar USDC are Lobstr, Stellar Port, Stellar Term, Solar, Stellar X, and UHURU.

Developers and businesses are now able to integrate USDC into Stellar-based apps and services to permit users to make deposits and withdrawals with users being able to hold, transfer, and trade USDC just like any other asset on the network.

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