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VeChain (VET) Users are Looking for More News and More Engagement



VeChain Foundation recently expressed about a new episode of the online coding series for VechainThor which is out.  Users will be able to watch the video and learn how to easily interact with a VeChainThor node for development.  This will be particularly useful as a blockchain based development guide on Windows.  This series is also considered to be a way by which VeChain lovers are able to get connected.

DNV GL Assurance spoke about another win for oceans and rivers as @ReseaP becomes the 2nd organisation certified to their Chain of Custody Standard for plastic recovered from the hydrosphere. They also expressed that bringing transparency to the hard work of these initiatives is key to success.

VeChain Foundation expressed that they are proud to power DNVGL’s client, the sustainable pioneer ReseaP to trace its ocean cleanup solution. By using blockchain, all sustainability efforts will be immutably stored and made visible. Vechain will be playing an important role in stopping plastic pollution.

VeThor Token is now listed on App, and it is now possible to buy and sell $VTHO at true cost without any fees.  The bank transfer and credit card are supported. In response, Sunny Lu, VeChain thanked them for the support.

Also, it is well known that Exchange Lending are supporting VET and LINK. It is possible for users to get an LTV ratio of up to 50% Now, the exchange users will be able to borrow against their crypto with a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of up to 50% by depositing VET and LINK as collateral.

Meanwhile one of the investors expressed, I feel VeChain needs to start communicating more with investors and the VeChain community to help price action. However, when talking about the quality of the VeChain work, users have to state, “I have very high hopes for vechain, the work you have done already is amazing.  Keep it up.”

Some real-time users felt that Sunny Lu should consider communicating more about the development in the VeChain ecosystem and the evolution of VeChain’s partners and clients in terms of integration with ToolChain. They felt that people need to hear more about the progress.

An interesting query read:  Any idea when U.S. residents will be able to purchase VTHO on the CDC app? Why not now?

Some were eager about Vechain on coinbase? Also, they are wondering when the VeChain guys will get it to Western Countries.  Thus, stating that any kind of news is greatly appreciated.

There were other similar requirements expressed as for the growth of VeChain, more markets need more announcements and news-based advertisements, these raise the targets higher.