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5 Reasons Why Casinos Are More Fun Than Picking Stocks

Want a reason to trade the brain-pounding wildness and complexity of equities markets for the soothing tranquility of casino gaming?

Here are some of the top drivers that have small time traders and investors exiting the market and trying some recreational gaming instead.

Data Visualization and a Welcoming Atmosphere

Casino gaming platforms are fun places, they welcome you in and try to cater to the user. The stock market, on the other hand, is made to seem inaccessible. That’s by design. Then also people scare you with tax rules and insider trading accusations and everything else. It’s perhaps very relevant to note the argument that some analysts are making about what happened with GME: brokerages and others, they say, spent millions of dollars trying to get the “little guys” to play in the stock market. Then, when those small investors finally found something to get them excited, the establishment didn’t like their trading strategy! It’s nonsense.

For a new way to approach leveraging your money, try FortuneJack, a progressive casino gaming experience that has made it a priority to integrate Bitcoin transactions in its ecosystem. FortuneJack also utilizes provably fair gaming technologies, so that you know that every game is free and fair. Take a look, and you might decide to try a little gaming and let the stock market take the back seat.


 No P/E Ratios

With casino gaming, you don’t have to know all of the stats. You may be able to count cards or understand the technicals of blackjack or Texas hold ’em, but you won’t have to know what company filed an earnings report last week, or whether the FDA is going to approve somebody’s drug. There’s just a lot of background analysis involved in any equities trading plan, and all of that analysis doesn’t even pay off some of the time. In some ways, it feels a lot like wasted work.


The Power of Gamification

Modern companies and experts understand that people are craving exciting visual ways to make transactions. The stock market doesn’t have this, but casinos do – they have it in spades! (no pun intended) From buying a car to choosing an insurance plan, companies are integrating gamification designs into their interfaces – so when you go to wager your money, why not have this kind of format involved?


Real-Time Play

Stock market investing is all about trying to be an egghead for all seasons – to have an ongoing analysis of what’s happening through the market cycle, in a market week, month and year.

Casino play is in real time – it’s more about being a hunter. You’re competing directly, and then when your session is done, it’s done. There’s nothing to track and worry about throughout the rest of your day.

Most equity traders are aware of that stomach-churning process of trying to follow the peaks and troughs of market activity through every single market day. It’s stressful, and you don’t need it.


Market Manipulation and Shenanigans 

With the recent Gamestop controversy and what happened at RobinHood, just for starters, we see that markets really respond to groups of people and their political positions. We see that there’s more than just technicalities behind market making, and it’s a little scary. If the big guys have all the money and the power, why play?


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