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To celebrate the exchange’s 3rd anniversary, the Coinsbit team has announced a range of exclusive promotions to thank users for their loyalty and trust. As one of the key activities scheduled for the celebration, the team plans to award 30 bitcoins to lucky participants. Nothing like this has ever been done in the history of cryptocurrency, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The promotion kicked off on March 1 and will continue for the next three months. The team has particularly opened a Bitcoin Staking pool at 3% per month. It is a safe and proven means that will allow bitcoin holders to increase their balance without the volatility of the market.

Additionally, users will have the opportunity to earn more during the 15 mini-IEOs that are scheduled. Given that participants in previous IEOs held on the exchange saw considerable gains on their investment, it is a real opportunity for everyone to grow their capital. Prospective participants should follow the official social media accounts of the exchange to get all the latest information regarding this exclusive offer.

But that’s not all. As you are well informed, the exchange has its marketplace named Coinsbit Store. In this marketplace, you can purchase different devices, like smartphones, headphones, tablets, laptops and more using cryptocurrencies. You can also transact with just a click from any part of the world on suitable terms. So, as part of the commemoration of the 3rd anniversary, the exchange team promises explicit bonuses to whosoever participates and buys the most on the Store. For example, you can win holiday vacation to the Maldives, an iPhone 12 Max Pro and MacBook Pro.

Also, the representatives of the exchange were happy to announce the opening of BTCU trading. Trading will start at the beginning of May. Other popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Liquid, Probit, Yobit, Biki, P2Pb2b, LocalTrade, Folgory, Bitforex, BiOne and LBank have also listed the coin.

That’s not the end, the decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform (DEX) Coinsbit will be initiated soon. On this new platform, you can make transactions without you becoming a member. Users simply need to synchronize their crypto wallet and start trading.

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