$60,310 Bitcoin ATH: We are more closer to $100K than zero

  • The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has crossed another ATH at over $60,000.
  • It’s currently over 1,000 percent up compared to the value over the past 12 months.

It’s another exciting day for Bitcoin (BTC) supporters, as the leading cryptocurrency reached another all-time high (ATH), above $60,000. The cryptocurrency entered a major correction phase after hitting the previous ATH around $58,000 towards the end of February. Over $10,000 was wiped-off from the cryptocurrency, causing a drop to around $43,000.

After wallowing below $50,000, it notably began increasing this week, as price steady around $54,000, leading up to the ATH on Saturday.

Can you recall BTC trading below $5,000 in 2020?

By this time last year (March 12 actually), BTC faced its worst dip, as the price dropped to about $5,000 following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Some people panic-sold their cryptocurrencies amid the drop, but Bitcoin wasn’t the only asset affected by COVID-19. Some people saw it as an opportunity, buying some of the cryptocurrency as an inflation hedge asset. This same reason attracted the biggest corporate Bitcoin investor, MicroStrategy, after the market recovered.

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