Anthony Pompliano Says Bitcoin Is Apex Predator of Financial Markets, Federal Reserve Has Outlawed Bear Markets

Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano says Bitcoin is the apex predator of the financial markets as he notes that investors are racing into it as a safe-haven asset.

In an interview with CNBC, Pompliano says that for companies managing big treasuries, Bitcoin is the best possible asset for generating sizable growth.

“Listen, Bitcoin is the apex predator of financial markets. You’ve got digital sound money that’s grown at a compound annual growth rate of 200% for a decade. And if you’re sitting there and you manage a treasury, you’ve got cash on your balance sheet, you tell me where else you’re going to put it where you can get that type of growth. 200% compound annual growth rate for a decade, there’s nowhere else they can put it. We’re printing an unprecedented amount of money, and so they’re looking for a safe haven, and Bitcoin is that apex predator that everyone is concluding is the answer.”

Addressing the claim that Bitcoin is manipulated, the Bitcoin bull says that the stock market is actually a prime example of a manipulated market, highlighting the Federal Reserve’s tendency to stimulate it every time it runs out of steam.

“We have a Federal Reserve and elected officials who have outlawed bear markets. If you’re in the stock market and the market starts to correct, they step in and just pump liquidity into the market. This is insane. If you want to talk about a manipulated market, let’s talk about the stock market… We can’t have markets that aren’t allowed to correct. What we’re watching is investors are racing to find an asset where they can go that is an unmanipulated, transparent, programmatic asset. And Bitcoin serves that purpose.”

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