Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Hardware Producer Bitmain Announced Price of S19

Chinese crypto journalist and insider Colin Wu shares major announcements from Bitmain’s first conference without Jihan Wu.

Mr. Wu, well known for his unparalleled expertise in Chinese cryptocurrency markets, revealed some details from Bitmain’s recent conference, a leader in Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware production.

$93 per Th/s, 1000-unit minimum: What does it take to order Antminer S19

According to a Twitter thread by Mr. Wu, a conference for Bitmain, a top-level producer of Bitcoin (BTC) ASICs, took place recently. It is the first such event after Bitmain’s cofounder Jihan Wu left the company in December.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />article imageImage via TwitterFirst, Bitmain’s new leader, Micree Zhan, shared his ultra-bullish prediction on the Bitcoin (BTC) price. Then, an announcement about Bitmain Antminer S19’s actual pre-sale conditions was made.

Today, it costs $94 for one TH/s. Given the fact that two models are available with a hashrate over 110 TH/s, the price of one machine is more than $10,000.

To order a pre-sale item, a purchaser needs to pay 20 percent of the total up front. The minimum number of units shipped in one order is 1,000 ASICs.

Partnerships amid investigations

Also, Bitmain awarded Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) its “Best Partner” status, despite being under investigation by the Taiwanese government. This firm is a key supplier of several generations of chipsets for mining software.

Then, the annual collaboration agreements were signed between Bitmain and powerful crypto-focused entities Parallel Ventures, Core Scientific, Phoenix Technology and Powerry.

As covered by U.Today previously, the 19th generation of Bitmain’s Bitcoin (BTC) mining machines was unveiled more than one year ago.

These machines have a 90-105 Th/s hashrate and impressive power efficiencies of 34.5±5 percent and 29.5±5 percent.