Women trading cryptocurrencies grows 7 times, reveals Robinhood

Although the cryptocurrency market goes against the traditional, both share a similarity: the prevalence is that of men.

However, transformations are in sight. According to data from the Robinhood finance app, the number of women in the crypto community is increasing.

In an internal basis projection, the company reported a seven-fold increase in the number of female customers. The figures are a comparison of the end of 2020 with the first two months of this year.

Women conquer space

The expansion of women at Robinhood is a cut of the six million new customers inserted in the app this year.

Despite the positive numbers, the company recognized in its blog that “women are still underrepresented”.

Within this perspective, Robinhood celebrated the results in its Twitter, noting:

“The number of women actively negotiating at Robinhood has already grown seven times this year! We still have a lot of work to do, but we are committed to building a product that is fair, accessible and inclusive. ”

Robinhood app comments on data about negotiations carried out by women. Source: Robinhood / Twitter

The app also found that 40% of women in its base are traders. That is, they are not only venturing into the cryptocurrency market, but really investing and making money.

Analyzing this scenario, the company is optimistic and comments on the role of digital assets for the market:

“These numbers are encouraging and prove that blockchain technology can be a powerful tool for decentralizing power in finance. Build a product accessible to everyone, regardless of gender. ”

Investors’ perspectives

In 2019, investment firm Grayscale presented a report on Bitcoin and the female perspective in the digital assets market.

According to the survey, 60% of women appreciate the liquidity promoted by BTC, against 56% of men.

Contrary to market knowledge, 76% of investors were not familiar with digital currency trading.

However, 93% believed that access to inclusive educational resources would make cryptocurrency more attractive to the group.

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