Bitcoin Is About To Go Parabolic, According To Analyst Elliot Wainman From EllioTrades

Crypto analyst and trader Elliot Wainman predicts Bitcoin (BTC) is continuing its mega bull run. Yet, he warns his 271K subscribers to prepare for the end of this bull cycle and protect themselves in one of the most prolific moments in crypto history right around the corner.

To start off, the crypto KOL highlights that Bitcoin’s bull run in 2021 is fundamentally different than it was in 2020.

“2021 brought with it a flood, almost exactly on the turn of the end of the year of 2020,  we got an insane flood of new attention and excitement into the cryptocurrency industry”.


BTC price chart

“2021 a whole flood of newbies and what we’re seeing is parabolic growth patterns where bitcoin goes absolutely vertical very very fast and then corrects”, the trader analyses.

Wainman shares his optimism that BTC is currently in a supercycle and that Bitcoin will continue to push upwards into hundreds of thousands of dollars. He also notes that as Bitcoin continues to rally, the altcoins are going to experience some absolutely parabolic growth, especially lower cap coins.

In the second part of his video, the crypto KOL talks about NFT coins, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, NFT is a digital file whose unique identity and ownership are verified on a blockchain.

“I really excited to see what’s happening. NFTs are the talk of the town, in any business conversation, for any brand, for any celebrity in the world right now and that is the sign of a mainstream adoption wave on a level that we have never ever seen before”.