TRON (TRX) Might Not be able to Compete with Ethereum According to Users Some Say its Beast

One of the TRON user stated, Tron is very slow coin, can’t say if it can compete with Ethereum. Need to burn more coin for price hike.

Other users expressed, Fees has gone high, still far less than ETH. But to increase adaption, don’t increase the fee any time soon.

There seems to be no objection about the fees in TRON being low, one of them said, I still choose TRX, a very small fee that makes me really like TRX.

Justin Sun has his say:  In the whole industry, above all the layer one solutions that provide Blockchain infrastructure support, TRON is the only one that can compete with Ethereum. We have the same level of stablecoin amount and asset support on our platform compared to Ethereum.

Also stated, we are willing to put numerous resources to support everyone on the TRON blockchain. Also we will provide robust TVL support, not only for the traffic, but also for the program itself.

Further, the circulation amount of TRC20 USDT issued by Tether_to on the TRON network exceeded 16.7 Billion.

In response someone was left wondering:  What does this mean? Do you spend/buy $16.7 billion in TRX token to generate $16.7 billion in USDT? Every day you are generating 1 billion USDT. If so, how can the price of TRON be what it is now? Even if you buy all the TRON in circulation it is still not worth 16 billion?

There are investors who are looking to invest in the TRON ecosystem, but are left wondering if they should wait.

Despite all the criticisms, there are users who believe in TRON.  Further have to state that they are enjoying it the most from all the investments through all the coins that they already have.  Also, they feel that the mining addition is amazing.

Many users reinstate that the FUD is unreal because they know TRON is a beast and threatens on what they desperately are trying to hang on to.

There are many who are not sure and are looking for support with their project, which they are building on TRON. In order to see this vision completed, they are looking to get directed to due resources.

There is no denying that the TRON ecosystem is continuing to grow and that it is expanding into all aspects of blockchain including wallets, stablecoins, lending, exchange, social media and storage platforms, cross-chain tokens, and more.

TRON is always open to new projects, developers, and users.