UNECE Regional Forum 2021 In Geneva: Cardano Head Of Growth Eva Oberholzer Gives A Speech

Cardano has an exciting announcement to make today and the team behind the project just dropped their news via social media. Check out the message that they shared on Twitter below.

Check out the complete data about the event on their official website. 

Cardano in the news

Cardano has been making headlines a lot lately due to various achievements of the team bhind the project.

Ledger dropped an important announcement about Cardano (ADA). Check out the message that Ledger shared on social media.

Someone said: “Ledger sold me a defective ledger nano x purchased directly from their Amazon store and never replied to me when I asked about a replacement since it’s still under warranty.”

IOHK made the Cardano community excited when they dropped the latest piece of news. Check this out below.