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Investors Will Begin to Short Gold Amid Mass Exodus to Bitcoin, Predicts Morgan Creek Digital’s Jason Williams

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Jason Williams believes investors are about to flock into Bitcoin at the expense of gold.

In an interview with Layah Heilpern, Williams says that he expects investors to desert gold while shorting it at the same time as capital moves out of the yellow metal and into Bitcoin.

The executive of the hedge fund specializing in digital assets argues that gold’s declining relevance is one of the reasons for the mass exodus.

“I don’t even understand… as a store of value asset, it’s not working anymore.”

Williams also explains that the need to secure and store physical gold is a big turnoff for young people.

“I feel like young people feel that way about gold. I just can’t imagine you saying you know what, I’m going to go and buy a safe and I’m going to bolt the safe to the wall and the floor. And then I’m going to load the safe with like I don’t know kilos of gold and silver.’ Like, I don’t even think you want your life to be that tied down.”

Besides being a better store of value, Williams adds that Bitcoin is a predator asset that has consistently appreciated 3x each year on average.

“Bitcoin is not only good money – it’s sound money. But it’s also this amazing like apex predator asset that can grow and has grown 200% historically year-over-year.”

As for BTC’s price movements in the coming months, the Morgan Creek Digital co-founder notes that he expects Bitcoin to continue its feverish ascent.

“$100,000 in October… $100,000, this is super conservative. I mean, I’m going to be way off and low. I’m saying $100,000 by October 31st but I don’t really believe that at all… I think that we get far beyond $100,000 by October 31st.”

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