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IOTA’s Firefly to Become New Standard for Crypto Wallets, Founder Sonstebo Says



IOTA Foundation is almost ready to release its cutting-edge wallet, FireFly. IOTA’s founder is sure that its importance goes far beyond crypto
According to their latest tweets, the developers at the IOTA Foundation will deploy its new FireFly wallet very soon. This release will follow a string of crucial announcements for the technical and marketing progress of IOTA.

Introducing new FireFly crypto wallet

The software engineering team at the IOTA Foundation has shared an announcement in the project’s official Twitter page. Crypto enthusiasts are informed that FireFly, the end-user wallet application for IOTA, will be ready next week.

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Image via TwitterAlso, the developers attached a GIF animation that displays the main modules of the much-anticipated wallet. Namely, the interfaces of the portfolio tracker, the main webpage and transaction authorization have been demonstrated.

IOTA Foundation assures readers that the FireFly release will be “the secure entry point to the new IOTA ecosystem.”


As covered by U.Today previously, the IOTA Foundation teases a massive breakthrough in terms of usability and technical performance associated with the upcoming activation of the Chrysalis phase.

Setting the standards for crypto and beyond

David Sønstebø, the founder of IOTA Foundation, highly praises the possibilities of the new FireFly wallet. According to the serial entrepreneur, this version of IOTA’s wallet will introduce new standards for user interfaces and user experience, and not only in the crypto segment:

FireFly will become the new standard for crypto wallets and UI/UX in general. Congratulations team!

February of 2021 was particularly fruitful for the IOTA Foundation in terms of its road to Coordicide, i.e., the removal of Coordinator. Namely, the IOTA Foundation introduced the Alpha release of its smart contracts platform.


According to the IOTA Foundation, its contracts will be more predictable due to a hard-coded predetermined fee amount.

Also, IOTA dropped a bombshell by releasing its Digital Assets Framework on February 12, 2021.

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