Top reasons why Cardano(ADA) Price is Poised For Massive Surge!

Cardano(ADA) in recent times has entered the forefront of the crypto market, securing the position of 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It has witnessed a massive uptrend, rising from 40 cents to more than a dollar in just a few weeks, the token has proved its potential in the market

The ADA token is the most anticipated altcoin to soar high, Cardano is also being said to possess the ability to take over Ethereum in the future. although it is going to be a hard one, as Ethereum has been the oldest and longest functioning smart contracts blockchain, and has many DApps built on it which contribute highly to the DeFi ecosystem.

However, with many developments and projects on the Cardano platform, it is safe to say the token will be on a roll in the near future, and here are some of the reasons why.

Goguen mainnet launch

This launch will set Cardano at par with Ethereum, the mainnet will permit smart contract functionality with no issues of high network fees, and also more number transactions can be processed per second. Thus Cardano will have everything Ethereum provides and also at a modest price.

This news of the launch has invoked bullish sentiments for the token.

Mary hard fork update

This update has made Cardano a multi-asset blockchain, developers and businesses can now build on or migrate to this platform, it is now possible to issue tokens by staking not only ADA but also other cryptocurrencies.

After the upgrade was done on 1st March there was a huge price surge, it also reached an all-time high of $1.48. With nothing negative or glitches being reported about the upgrade this will help Cardano to surge high.

Even though this week Cardano’s price has been dropping, it is not a bad sign as the uptrend line is actually bullish, and the further developments on the platform will help the price surge high.

Project catalyst- world’s largest DAO.

Project catalyst is Cardano’s IdeaScale protocol, a community-driven feature that supports the building of Dapps, from the time of its launch to now it has become the world’s largest DAO.

The platform has fundraisers for the distribution of ADA among most valuable protocols selected by the community the second fundraiser distributed $250000 worth of ADA, the 4th fundraiser has already raised over $1 Million.

Coinbase Pro listing.

Cardano is the new cryptocurrency to be listed on Coinbase Pro this Thursday, and this news has done fireworks for the token, by bringing a 20% surge in just 20 minutes of the announcement, maybe “the Coinbase effect” truly rubbed off on it.

But, what this will mean in the long term is that Cardano will have its door open to a plethora of investors, as the majority of American’s trade on this DEX. it will now be easily accessible and user-friendly.

Blockchain Africa Conference

Right around the time when Cardano gets listed on Coinbase Pro, On March 18th and 19th. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of IOG and inventor of Cardano will be a keynote speaker at the conference. Hoskinson has already spoken of the great opportunity African markets has to offer, and there is speculation of the announcement of “landing of African birds”. It is also securing a government contract to bring several traders and investors on the Cardano blockchain and make ADA a form of payment too.

Stimulus Checks

On March 17th, American households received the stimulus checks under the covid19 relief package, this could indicate that some of this money could be invested in Cardano.

With currency devaluation and rising inflation, citizens have already invested in cryptocurrencies with stimulus money, this time Cardano could gather some stack this time.

With being almost stagnant after a point in the beginning to surge high each day, Cardano has found its place. It has been hovering and switching ranks with Tether and Binance on the board. but in the next month, it will conquer the position.

Analysts have made predictions for Cardano to reach the $2 level by the end of this month.

However, all of this is highly speculative, will this “Ethereum Killer” really take over its peers or this has been a dry hype to watch out for.

These are some developments for Cardano, which we think will ride the token’s glory to growth.

  • In addition to all the new projects on the platform, there has been an improvement in investor interest too, earlier Grayscale announced that intends to invest, increase its holdings in ADA, with some other Altcoins.
  • A recent survey conducted by Voyager Digital revealed 31% of traders are bullish on Cardano and intend to trade and invest in the token.
  • Cardano listed ADA futures on leading cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX.
  • The token has witnessed a 5000% percent growth since last April.
  • According to stats, it has yielded 2000% returns for the investors in a year, highest of  all other currencies and commodities.

After an acute examination of Cardano’s growth and development trajectory, it is safe to say this will be the next Altcoin to take the market by a storm.

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