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It is now possible to send Bitcoin through Twitter



The digital payments app Bottlepay, launched last month, has just released the function of sending and receiving Bitcoin through Twitter.

Users can tweet, for example, “@bottlepay send 1,000 sats to @twitteruser”, instantly sending that amount of cryptocurrency from one wallet to another.

However, for the transaction to work, both users need to have the app and an extension installed. If the recipient doesn’t have the app, they will have seven days to sign up and get paid.

In addition to Twitter, Bottlepay plans to extend its service to Reddit, Discord, Twitch, Telegram and Mastodon in the coming months.

Sending and receiving Bitcoin on Twitter

The UK payments app Bottlepay is built with the Lightning Network and aims to transform payment ecosystems.

To this end, it enables real-time international transfers of fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Bottlepay has announced that it will add more conventional currencies, such as the euro, in the near future.

Since launching the app last month, users have moved more than £ 1.7 million in transactions. In other words, about R $ 13.3 million in quotations in reais.

In addition to meeting a growing need for easy ways to transfer Bitcoins, the application also reduces the charges and transfer fees associated with digital payments.

According to Bottlepay CEO Mark Webster, the platform’s focus is on revolutionizing the global payments infrastructure.

“Today’s consumers want to be able to move their money immediately, from anywhere in the world. Bottlepay’s social Bitcoin payments are a much needed update to the outdated payment systems available so far. And a leap towards easier and smoother transactions, ”he said.

Bottlepay raises $ 15 million

Last month, Bottlepay raised $ 15 million in initial financing from a range of investors including British fund manager Alan Howard, and current and former partners of Goldman Sachs, FinTech Collective and NYDIG.

As Webster pointed out, the financing will be used to expand the company:

“Regional expansion to Europe and North America are priorities at the moment. We have some really cool features for individuals and businesses coming in as well. More information about them in the coming months. ”

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