Mark Cuban invests in the OpenSea NFT platform

The OpenSea platform raised more than R $ 128 million in a round of financing to expand the market in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In a press release, released on Thursday (18), CEO Devin Finzer quoted all funders of the project. However, one stood out: Mark Cuban.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who is now an enthusiast of the blockchain ecosystem, has been on the “other side” of the coin.

Not so long ago, Cuban made several criticisms of Bitcoin (BTC). Now, the tycoon owns the company NFT, with a focus on digital assets.

Expansion project

Tokenization has been gaining space within crypto-waiting. Realizing the market potential, the OpenSea platform enabled a round of financing to expand business.

OpenSea announces funding fund for market expansion project. Source: OpenSea / Twitter

The expansion occurs after analyzing the results of the last six months of the company. According to Finzer, the volume of NFT transactions grew more than 100 times in this period.

“Creators, musicians, artists, influencers and players are diving headlong into NFTs. Hundreds of thousands of new users are discovering, collecting, curating and trading NFTs in open markets. ”

Investors attentive to the emerging market, such as Mark Cuban, Naval Ravikant, 3LAU and Andreessen Horowitz, from A16Z, supported the project.

Interest in NFTs

As revealed by the OpenSea CEO, several users are pioneering the myriad possibilities that the blockchain ecosystem offers, especially tokens.

Finzir said that there are currently over 20 million NFTs available on the market.

Based on the numbers, the executive says he believes that “the world is waking up to the power of this technology”.

Position change

As indicated in the statement, Mark Cuban is one of the project’s financiers. Industry enthusiasts are not surprised by the revelation.

Although he criticized Bitcoin, Cuban has shown a new market perception in recent months, although he struggles to give an air of indifference to his claims.

The recent interest in Dogecoin (DOGE) signaled a new positioning of the entrepreneur in the face of crypto.

In addition to enabling transactions with the cryptocurrency in Dallas Mavericks products and tickets, the businessman assumed ownership of NFT, a company focused on non-fungible tokens.

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