ChainLink (LINK) Slowly But Surely Integrated Into Many Projects

DeFi liquidity protocol AI Autonio will integrate ChainLink oracles to access asset prices and fetch AI-driven analytics. This data will power their NIOX Suite, an ecosystem of on-chain trading tools & infrastructure including Intelligent Market Makers.

For clarity, users have to state that NIOX is a game changer for liquidity provision on CEXs and DEXs.  NIOX fans expect the scope if NIOX AI will be soon understood by many eventually getting its deserved attention. Many also feel that Autonio AI ($NIOX) is worth paying attention to right now as their main mission is about liquidity.

FilDAFinance integrates ChainLink on mainnet to price assets used within its decentralized lending platform. As a blockchain agnostic oracle network, Chainlink’s high-quality data is able to be consumed by FilDA at the native speed and cost of Heco Chain.

One of the user responded stating:  FilDAFinance is definitely combined with credit oracle one of the leading #Defi banks in the future. Honest team, good reputation and real usecases for the HecoChain. Many feel Filda is such a Defi gem. Some call it the sleeping giant.

Generative NFT project Rare Pizzas, has has integrated Chainlink VRF to mint 10,000 digital pizzas with provably rare attributes and a verifiably random distribution. As a community-driven project, the digital pizza NFTs are a celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day.

For clarity, 10,000 Rare Pizzas, one for each of Laszlo’s BTC. For the benefit of the PizzaDAO, pizza, and to fund the world’s largest pizza party ever on May 22!

Recently, Sergey Nazarov stated, “Chainlink Networks are important for provably rare NFT creation in multiple ways. Chainlink VRF provides provably fair randomness to create NFTs, proving their truly unique rarity.”

He also stated, The Chainlink Network’s various decentralized services, provide both the validated data, and off-chain computation needed to create DeFi, NFTs and many other advanced smart contracts. e.g. Chainlink VRF’s verifiable randomness, makes provably rare NFTs.

They are focused on ensuring Dynamic NFTs based on real world events.  They are very confident that when the limitations of smart contracts are solved, the ability to reinvent multiple industries is emerging; ownership being tokenized, global finance becoming DeFi, digital art becoming NFTs, and many more.   The hackathon is continually organized to hunt and integrate new talent in to the ecosystem.

Many of them honestly love Sergey Nazarov from a philosophical way. They admire his lecture on social contracts as they hail it to be revolutionary.  Chainlink is slowly but surely integrated into many projects. It is very obvious they are quietly hardworking.

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