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Bitcoin Whales Explode, Move Over $2,000,000,000 in BTC in Just 24 Hours – Here’s Where the Crypto Is Going



Bitcoin whales are moving billions of dollars worth of BTC as the flagship cryptocurrency recovers from its plunge down to $51,000.

In the past 24 hours, crypto whales have circulated over $2 billion worth of BTC. Two crypto whales each moved 3,000 BTC worth a total of $320.6 million in two separate transactions. Bitcoin analytics tool Whale Alert first picked up on the transactions yesterday.

The first whale sent the 3,000 BTC worth $160.3 million to an unknown wallet that now holds 10,000 BTC, according to blockchain search engine Blockchair.

The second whale moved 3,000 BTC worth $160.3 million to a single wallet, according to Blockchair. The receiving wallet, which has been active for three years, sent away almost all 3,000 BTC in a flurry of transactions.

In addition to the two multi-million transactions, whales moved a total of 31,515 BTC worth $1.68 billion in the last 24 hours. Nine transactions shifted BTC between wallets of unknown origins, four transfers delivered BTC from crypto exchanges to unknown wallets, two transfers moved BTC from unknown wallets to crypto exchanges, and two transactions relocated BTC between crypto exchanges.

Below is a list of the significant BTC transactions in the past day.

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