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Top 5 to Watch in April



The past week was tumultuous for the cryptocurrency market and with a few days left of March, we take a look at some of the top cryptocurrencies to watch in April.

The past seven days were quite the roller coaster in the cryptocurrency market, which, fortunately, ended well.

The total market capitalization is currently more or less at the same level as where it was one week ago, despite having lost almost $100 million on Thursday when Bitcoin’s price collapsed to $50K.


With this said, we take a look at the top 5 cryptocurrencies to keep a close watch over the next few weeks.

Bitcoin (BTC)

It goes without saying that, for the most part, wherever Bitcoin goes, the market follows. While the rate might not be equal, BTC has dictated the direction of the market for most of the current bull run.

Last week, we saw a major announcement from Tesla – the giant electric vehicle manufacturer revealed that users can now pay for a Tesla with BTC. Elon Musk tweeted it, and, consequently, the market surged.


Unfortunately, the rally was unsustainable, and shortly after, BTC plunged and decreased to roughly around $50,000. This is where it found solid support and started increasing as it’s currently trading at around $56,500.

BTC/USD. Source: TradingView

BTC already broke above the first serious resistance at $55,000 and looks primed to take on $57,700 after that. If it’s successful, we can expect it to test the coveted $60K mark and the ATH at around $62K after that.

Cardano (ADA)

Next on our watchlist is Cardano’s ADA. It has been a top performer for the past two months. Now, many claim that ADA’s surge is purely speculative because Cardano doesn’t really have smart contract capabilities yet.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, took it upon himself to disprove the argument that Cardano lacks fundamentals, outlining the numerous partnerships they already have, as well as the solid, peer-reviewed foundation of the protocol. He also put a timeline for a testnet that will allow users to build and deploy smart contracts on Cardano.

ADA/USDT. Source: TradingView

With all of the above in mind, the price is exactly where it was a week ago. However, it declined to $1.06 and recovered swiftly and decisively. Over the past few days, ADA has been sort of consolidating, and it’s interesting to see the direction of the next breakout.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin has been a headliner this year, charting some absolutely impressive gains, having surged to around $350.

Over the past couple of weeks, the cryptocurrency has been trading in a range between $290 and $240. With one exception that took place this Thursday, that’s the general course of BNB so far.

BNB/USDT. Source: TradingView

If history is any indication, however, cryptocurrencies don’t really like to trade in a range for a long period of time. In other words, a breakout can take place rather soon.

Also, the first quarterly burn for 2021 is approaching, which may act as a catalyst. The last few months have been particularly volatile, and chances are that Binance has seen massive revenues. This means that the burn is likely to be substantial. Reducing the supply of the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap does sound like something to keep in mind, going in the last days of March and the beginning of April.


Also, Binance Smart Chain shows no signs of slowing down. Given that BNB is the base cryptocurrency that users transact with, this creates additional demand.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is currently the leading decentralized exchange and automated market maker with the most value locked in it, according to DeFi Pulse as of the time of this writing.

Its governance token, which was airdropped to people who used the exchange last year, is currently trading at $28, meaning that the 400 UNI tokens that most of the people received are currently worth almost $12,000.

UNI/USDT. Source: TradingView

Over the last seven days, UNI has lost some of its value, dropping from around $32. However, on March 24th, we had a first glimpse at the specifications of the long-awaited Uniswap v3. It’s a core update that aims to turn the DEX into the most flexible and capital-efficient automated market maker.

Layer-one Ethereum mainnet launch has a target of May 5th, with L2 deployment on Optimism set for shortly after that. This is definitely a huge milestone for the project, and it might not be so surprising if it starts to get reflected in its total valuation.

Solana (SOL)

Solana brings forward a scalable blockchain infrastructure that boasts a very large number of transactions per second and very low transaction fees.

Compared to Ethereum’s sky-high fees and slow transaction processing, many are looking for alternatives, oftentimes landing on Solana. This is perhaps the reason for which it is one of the most trending projects in 2021.


In terms of price, its native token, SOL, is one of the best performers in 2021.

SOL/USD. Source: TradingView

On January 1st, the cryptocurrency traded at around $0.55. Its current price is around $18.6. This gives a total return of almost 3,200%.

It shows no signs of slowing down, and with the current euphoria around DeFi and NFTs, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

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Waves price analysis: Cryptocurrency finds backup at $28.21 after substantial loss



  • The price has moved up to $28.213.
  • Waves price analysis confirms an up rise.
  • Support is still fixed at $25.32 position.

The latest Waves price analysis is dictating signs of recovery, as the price followed an upward movement today. The WAVES/USD value has experienced growth during the day as the bulls have regained their strength. Although a downward trend was observed in the previous week, the price has been able to pick itself again because of bullish support. The price has increased to $28.21 as a result of the efforts from buyers.

WAVES/USD 1-day price chart: WAVES price steps up to $28.2 as trends undergo shift

The one-day Waves price analysis is confirming an uptrend for the day as the green candlesticks have reappeared on the price chart. The price is now following an upward movement once again after undergoing a constant reduction in the previous week. The bullish momentum has resulted in an increase in price up to the $28.213 level in the last 24 hours. The price is yet to reach the moving average (MA) level which is at $28.71.

Waves price analysis: Cryptocurrency finds backup at $28.21 after substantial loss 1

A crossover between SMA 50 and SMA 20 has been delayed because of the upturn in price. The Bollinger bands Indicator plays a vital role in making correct predictions, and its upper value is now $31.671 and the lower value is $25.32. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) score is at the neutral position of 50.87.

Waves price analysis: Price stumbles at $28 as bears limit chances of further growth

The four hours Waves price analysis shows that the price is moving down once again as a consequence of bearish efforts. An uptrend was following earlier as the price was advancing quite steadily. But it has undergone a reduction in the last four hours as the bears have returned on the price chart. Red candlestick is marking a decline in price up to the $28.218 level. The price is now below the moving average value as well i.e. $28.22.

Waves price analysis: Cryptocurrency finds backup at $28.21 after substantial loss 2
WAVES/USD 4-hours price chart. Source: TradingView

The SMA 50 curve is traveling higher than the SMA 20 curve which is another indication of a downtrend. Because of the increasing volatility, the upper Bollinger band is now at $29.55 and the lower Bollinger band is at $27.46. The RSI curve has descended down to the 45.91 level as well, which is an average score.

Waves price analysis: Cryptocurrency finds backup at $28.21 after substantial loss 3
WAVES/USD technical indicators chart. Source: TradingView

The overall indication for the day is going towards the neutral side, as a constant variation in trends has been recorded during the past few weeks. Still, there are more indicators on the buying side i.e. 10, as there are seven indicators on the selling side and nine indicators on the neutral side.

The moving averages indicator is supporting the buyers by giving out a bullish signal. There are nine indicators standing at the buying position, five indicators are at the selling position while only one indicator is at the neutral position. The Oscillators are going neutral as well as there are eight oscillators that are on the neutral level, two oscillators are on the selling level while only one oscillator is on the buying level.


Waves price analysis conclusion

The price is on the rise once again as the bulls are in the leading position for now. The increase in price has been confirmed by the one-day and four hours Waves price analysis as the price is now touching the $28.21 point again. On the other hand, a drop in price has been recorded in the last few hours which means that the coming hours might not prove so favorable.

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The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets For American and Australian Gamblers



Thirteen percent or an average of 1 in 10 Americans have traded or invested in cryptocurrency in 2020, according to data from a study completed by the University of Chicago, compared to seventeen percent of Australians who currently own crypto coins worth $8 billion. Moreover, according to fresh September 2021 data from the land Down Under, as many as 35% of Aussies think that Bitcoin is prone to be used more frequently than the AUD, and will eventually take over fiat currencies by the year 2050. Bitcoin also continues to remain the most popular cryptocurrency in the US, with a market cap of $1.1 trillion.

With such a high request and interest in cryptocurrency, it is only normal for crypto exchanges and crypto wallets to be a hot topic for investors in the two countries that also share a similar passion for gaming. Gambling with the help of cryptocurrency as a banking method has started to gain more and more ground in Australia as well as the US, thus the increased desire to know which are the most advantageous crypto-exchanges and crypto-wallets players should be using right now. 

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Crypto Wallets For American and Australian Gamblers?

There are many different types of crypto-coin wallets American and Aussie players can choose from, with hot and cold wallets as primary options for most individuals. The main difference between a hot wallet and a cold wallet is represented by whether the wallet requires a connection to the internet or not.


cryptocurrency wallets

Hot Wallets

A hot wallet requires a permanent connection to the internet while allowing you to complete a large number of transactions on a daily basis. However, the same hot wallet can also prove to be more susceptible to cyber-attack risks precisely because of its ongoing connection to the internet. 

Cold Wallets

On the other hand, a cold wallet does not require a connection to the internet and, while less convenient to use, it can also provide higher levels of safety for users.

No matter which of these alternatives you might choose, you will get to:

  • safely process your transactions and store your coins
  • avoid making a direct transfer of your coins from the exchange to a crypto-friendly casino or bookie online. Since some of the most reputable crypto exchanges currently run on extremely strict anti-gambling policies, you may risk getting locked out of your exchange account or potentially lose all the stored funds there.

While there is no supreme crypto-wallet that Aussie or American gamers should exclusively use, there are a few types of wallets that manage to stick their heads out from the crowd:

Web crypto-wallets

Web wallets are special extensions that need to be installed on a browser. They work as wallets that enable users to easily send and receive crypto coins, with Metamask and being two of the most popular and trustworthy alternatives on the market. If you are searching for a wallet to use with a casino that mostly accepts Ethereum, USDT, or USDC, try Metamask first. Just add the wallet’s extension to your preferred wallet for free and take advantage of its simplicity and smoothness. Keep in mind Metamask does not support Bitcoin, Tron, or Cardano.


Crypto-wallets for desktop and mobile

A mobile wallet is a type of hot wallet that can be downloaded and installed on a mobile device. Such a wallet is available in the form of an app that can prove to be particularly handy when playing live casinos online. The user must first load the app on his phone, transfer the desired amount of cryptocurrency to the selected casino for a minimal fee and let the fun begin. One fine example of such a mobile wallet is Mycelium, a wallet with a top-notch reputation and many loyal users.

Desktop wallets are special types of software that can be downloaded on a computer. Exodus is a top-notch desktop wallet and a fantastic option for beginners due to its simplicity and popularity. Opt for Exodus if you are primarily interested in opting for Bitcoin-friendly casinos or sportsbooks online, especially if you are new to the scene of cryptocurrency wallets and you are looking for a highly intuitive, hassle-free experience. Exodus is compatible with a large number of virtual coins, thus turning it into a good choice for a variety of top cryptocurrency casinos and bookmakers online. The wallet is also incredibly lightweight, which means you will not have to worry about downloading large volumes of data.

Hardware wallets

These are physical devices that do not need to be constantly connected to the internet. Trezor Model T or Ledger Nano X are some of the most convenient types of cold crypto wallets thanks to their unparalleled level of protection. They will not only allow you to use any type of cryptocurrency of your liking when wagering online, as they support over 300 crypto coins, but they could even let you use the Bluetooth function on your smartphone to engage in wireless connectivity, which is the case of the Ledger Nano x wallet.


Final Thoughts

No matter which category of crypto wallet you might opt for, remember to keep a close eye on the latest cryptocurrency regulation upgrades in all parts of the world to make sure nothing will prevent you from enjoying a safe and legal gaming session at a crypto-friendly venue online. Also, remember to never share your seed phrase with a third party or store it on your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, in the cloud, or as a photo/document.

Finally, double-check the exact link and website address you plan on downloading any software or app from to steer clear from scammers. 

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Central Bank of Spain requires cryptocurrency companies to register in the country



The Bank of Spain (BDE) made available on Thursday (21) an electronic form for registering individuals and companies wishing to initiate or formalize operations with cryptocurrencies. The call comes a week after the agency formally sent a notice on the subject to the country’s financial institutions.

According to the BDE, registration is mandatory for companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector, regardless of whether they already have registration with the country’s central financial agency, that is, even banks. Such a requirement could confuse financial entities already licensed in Spain, as they are already directly supervised, Coindesk commented.

“The obligation to register in this form applies to all individuals or legal entities that provide exchange services between virtual and fiduciary currency and custody, regardless of whether they are also registered in other administrative records at the Bank of Spain or other competent authorities”, says a short excerpt from the BDE instructions.


Another point is what clarifies the BDE about the registration of individuals who work in the exchange service in Spain, such as P2Ps. Something that the central bank makes clear is that these actors must register “regardless of the location of the service recipients”. However, both individuals and corporations will have to adapt or revise their money laundering policy.

Entities now have one week to start the registration process and deliver documentation. The BDE advises that “it is advisable to submit all documents complete from the start to avoid delays in processing the order”.

Cryptocurrencies in Spain

About four months ago, the BDE said it would provide instructions and the necessary forms to apply for registration. But the instructions have only just arrived, with just 7 days to go before the registration deadline.


Another point of action by the BDE is the lack of clarity, since the entity works as the country’s central bank, but under the supervision of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The Spanish bank BBVA, for example, already has a bitcoin trading and custody service in Switzerland. CaixaBank, the third largest Spanish bank, is also preparing to explore the cryptocurrency sector with startup Onyze.

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