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Cardano Foundation (ADA) on the Largest Collective Giving Communities in the Entire Blockchain Space



Input Output spoke about the NEW DAEDALUS: Fresh out now, Daedalus 4.0.3 brings support for native tokens, making #Daedalus a multi-asset wallet that enables users to send and receive native tokens #Cardano $ADA”

The rest of the thread read thus:  It also includes a countdown clock to herald fully decentralized block production. It adds support for Trezor devices with passphrases, the ability to view wallet public keys, an improved CSV export process plus some minor fixes & improvements

Existing users will get a prompt to update via the Daedalus newsfeed. New to Daedalus? As always, we remind you to download ONLY from the official Daedalus site.


Daedalus is a download-only full node wallet for Linux, Mac and Windows PCs. It is NOT available as an Android or iOS mobile app; please use the official YoroiWallet if you prefer a browser-based or mobile experience.

Charles Hoskinson spoke about Half a billion dollars’ worth of ADA delegated to mission driven pools.

The Cardano Foundation Team reinstated on how Cardano is focused on bringing social and financial inclusion to underserved communities as they need it the most —and pointed to how there are few better ways to do this than supporting existing charities that are already having an impact in local communities.


Their current focus is on Mission-driven stake pools that commit to donating a portion of their block rewards to charitable causes—either through ADA directly where it’s accepted, or through fiat currency, in addition to helping validate transactions on the Cardano network in the same way as other stake pools.

The mission-driven stake pools will do the job of validating network transactions in a way to generate rewards to pass on to charitable organizations; however, delegators themselves will receive staking rewards as normal.

This represents a new and innovative method to tangibly support charities at the same time building ADA balance without upfront donation costs for those who can’t spare their funds.


The rewards which are generated from mission-driven pools are lot similar to those which are generated purely for-profit stake pools.  This means delegators will be able to drive social good while at the same time meeting their personal crypto goals.

The recipient charities are chosen by the mission-driven stake pool operators themselves.  This spans across wide range of campaigns, geographies, and beneficiaries, which also includes humanitarian charities, environmental initiatives, and animal protection alliances to name a few.

Important to note that some of the largest mission-driven stake pools make regular contributions to charities like Save the Children, The Water Project, SolarAid, and lot more.


Together, there are more than 10,000 individual delegators, who are normal ADA holders who have pledged a proportion of their personal ADA holdings to more than 60 mission-driven stake pools on Cardano.