Chainlink Awards Community Grant Towards the Integration of OKExChain

  • Chainlink has awarded a community grant to the blockchain development studio of block42
  • block42 will use the funds to perform a native integration of Chainlink oracles to OKExChain
  • In the month of March, Chainlink announced 39 new integrations
  • There are now 479 projects that have integrated Chainlink

The smart contract project of Chainlink (LINK) has awarded a community grant to the blockchain development studio of block42. According to the official announcement, block42 will use the funds to ‘perform a native integration of Chainlink oracles into the high-performance and EVM-compatible smart contract platform OKExChain’.

The successful integration of Chainlink oracles with OKExChain will allow smart contracts developers to develop dapps across the already popular industries of gaming, DeFi, NFTs and more. Furthermore, Chainlink price feeds will in turn power the various DeFi applications on the OKExChain such as lending, derivatives, stablecoins, collateralized loans and more.

block42 will go on to perform the following integrations:

  • Ensure that Chainlink smart contracts are compatible with OKExChain
  • Test, deploy and maintain all Chainlink systems onto the OKExChain mainnet
  • Facilitate an automated test to verify the integration of both Chainlink and OKExChain using test node instances

A Brief History of block42

The team block42 has extensive experience with blockchain technology which includes tooling and infrastructure for various blockchain projects including Ethereum, Icon, IOTA, Terra, Thorchain and Fantom. The CEO of block42, Lukas Goetx, guaranteed that the experience they have gathered over time will be used to ensure that the Chainlink/OKExChain integration will be a successful one.

Chainlink Announced 39 Integrations in the Month of March

The Chainlink project has continued to define itself in the crypto-verse as the standard for oracles and price feeds. In the month of March, Chainlink announced 39 integrations.

At the time of writing, Chainlink technology has now been integrated into 479 projects. The integrations include 204 DeFi projects, 81 blockchain projects, 61 node operators, 40 data providers, 22 blockchain infrastructure projects, just to name a few.

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