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VeChain (VET) and how Chinese Industries are getting reinvented with blockchain Technology

On April 08, 2021, VeChain x Blockchain Business Bridge Jay Zhang of VeChain will take part in the panel discussion looking at how blockchain solves food safety challenges.

The danskindustri.dkreports about thewebinar which provides insights on how Chinese industries are being reinvented by blockchain technology. The goal of the Webinar is to inspire industry professionals. Thus, getting to know more about China’s experiences providing exciting business prospects and useful tools to compete in markets where innovation, speed and agility are success factors.

Reportedly, the program is centered on two panel discussions.  The PANEL 1 is on how blockchain solves food safety challenges.  The concept being that China’s food industry continues to create controversy due to lax safety standards. They point to how from infant formula scandals to swine fever and association with Covid-19.

The danskindustri.dkalso points to howDenmark is globally renowned for its focus on transparency in food supply chains but is not considered a first-mover in adapting new technology.

The Panel 1 discusses on whether blockchain partnerships can help the two countries solve their challenges? And on whether China’s approach to integrating new applications at breakneck speed show the way forward for Danish food companies? And also on whether Danish food safety practices constitute a starting point for new applications?

The PANEL 2 discusses on how blockchain makes cities lean, clean and green.  Reportedly, China recently has announced their most ambitious climate targets in the country’s history. Their goal is to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and to achieve full carbon neutrality before 2060. The Chinese cities are particularly prioritized in sustainability plans as urbanization is expected to reach 70% within the next decade.

Further they point to how the adaptation of blockchain and other new technologies are required to meet China’s climate targets. The Chinese experiences will undoubtedly create best practices for the rest of the world. They are going to discuss on how whether Denmark and China can work together when it comes to using blockchain for sustainable city development?

For clarity, Blockchain Business Bridge has been around since 2019.  It is a joint initiative between innovation center Denmark, European Blockchain Center, the Confederation of Danish industry and Danish-Chinese Business Forum.  Their major goal is to promote blockchain exchange between Denmark and China.

This just looks like a great discussion to propel the growth of blockchain technology catering to real world needs.

Meanwhile there is VeVote Opinion Poll on adjusting base gas price of VeChain Thor.  VeChain Foundation expresses that their unique tokenomics provides every stakeholder value, from their enterprise and government partners, to community and node holders. In light of the recent and expected future growth in demand, they were inviting users to express their voice about the Base Gas Price.


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