Shopify CEO bullish on DeFi

  • Shopify CEO goes bullish on DeFi.
  • Ethereum hits ATH.
  • Lutke fascinated by Ethereum smart contracts.

Shofiy CEO goes bullish on DeFi

The popular e-commerce platform Shopify, is riding the crypto waves. Earlier this year, Shopify had partnered with CoinPayments. Tobi Lutke, the CEO of Shopify, has gone full bullish on DeFi.

The e-commerce boss took to Twitter to request that users should recommend viable commercial opportunities within the DeFi community that Shopify could take advantage of. Already Shopify has integrated crypto payments on its platform. Users can now shop and pay via Bitcoin, Ether and some other crypto far back 2014.

The Shopify CEO is acutely aware of the evolution going on within the payment space and wants Shopify to stay on top of the pack. Lutke said Sopify existed before cryptocurrencies and is in total conformity with the concept of decentralization. Over one million businesses worldwide depend on Shopify.

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