Top Analyst Says One Crypto Asset Poised for Exponential Rise As Ethereum Rallies From ‘Generational Bottom’

A widely-followed crypto analyst by the name of Smart Contracter is calling for a parabolic rally in an under-the-radar altcoin amid Ethereum’s rally to a new all-time high.

In a new tweet, Smart Contracter says that FARM, the native token to DeFi project Harvest Finance, is likely about to burst into a 300% rally.

Harvest Finance is an automated yield farming protocol that aims to give users automatic exposure to the highest yielding assets across select DeFi protocols.

At the time of writing, FARM is trading at $283 according to CoinGecko, but the trader says a target above $1,000 is “inevitable.”

Days before his call on FARM, the popular analyst also accurately predicted Ethereum’s dip to around $1,600. With the pullback out of the way, Smart Contracter believes that Ethereum is poised for a 40% surge from its current value of $2,100.

“Did you buy the ETH dip anon? $2,000-$3,000 comes after the ABC 0.618 tap.”

Source: Smart Contracter/Twitter

The crypto analyst is also bullish on ETH/BTC as he believes the pair has hit its generational bottom.

As for Bitcoin (BTC), the closely-followed trader says that the world’s leading cryptocurrency is now poised to reach a new all-time high shortly, possibly to $70,000.

“Taking a small holiday for a week, so no posting from me. Looking like an up only week in equities and crypto which I’m well positioned for. I think there’s potentially an early week IHS [inverse head and shoulders] setup brewing but $51,000 was the low in my opinion.”

Source: Smart Contracter/Twitter
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