BitTorrent Blew Up 60% Overnight to Set New ATH

The price of BitTorrent’s BTT token surged 60% in the last twenty-four hours to $0.012. The surge is part of an ongoing rally that had BitTorrent hitting an all-time high of $0.014 at 1:14 AM UTC, and while it may have retreated a little, it’s still up 226% from last weekend.

Several new updates to BitTorrent’s File System, announced yesterday on Twitter, could be the reason behind today’s growth. Updates include increased decentralization and the completion of a repair mode.

This is by no means BTT’s first price rally. At the end of last month, the token’s price surged 80% in two days, prompting tweets of joy from the BTT team.

Most tokens are built around a smart contract template on the Ethereum blockchain called the ERC-20 standard. BitTorrent’s BTT token is built in accordance with the TRC-20 standard, a similar thing over on the Tron blockchain.

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