IOHK Is Committed To Supporting The Cardano Stake Pool Operator Community

IOHK dropped an important message on social media these days about the stake pool operator community.

Check it out below.

The feedback that the team behind Cardano received was really positive, just like always.

Cardano has been making a lot of headlines these days due to all kinds of achievements that the team behind the project has been marking.

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson makes an important announcement

It’s been revealed earlier today that John O’Connor, Director of African Operations at IOG, revealed at the time that the company of Cardano inventor Charles Hoskinson was in the final stages of a government contract in Ethiopia to bring a few million users onto the Cardano blockchain.

Since then, there’s been a lot of speculation and unforeseen delays, which slowed things down.

As Hoskinson reported, the deal was now close to being finalized. On March 25, a “special committee” had signed off on the decision to implement the project, leaving only the minister’s signature until last. FintechZoom online publication noted that the deal might also have mastered this step.

Also, the Cardano Foundation revealed that a significant amount of ADA is delegated to charity. Check out the post that the team behind the project shared on social media.

Stay tuned for more news about Cardano and the team behind the project.

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