Open positions for training in technology focused on cryptocurrencies

Two fintechs have come together to offer a training program for university students in the field of technology for the financial market.

In a statement sent to CriptoFácil, Investtools and Grana Capital inform the selection of exact students. Entries must be made through the project’s careers page by April 18.

The 150-hour course will cover the topics: blockchain, finance and programming. It is expected to start in May remotely.

Training program

After obtaining financing for the GOV Token, Investtools now seeks to train new professionals for the cryptocurrency market.

The software fintech counts on Grana Capital, which functions as Investtools’ business unit, to assist in the module.

The idea is for the finance startup to help with programming, which will also address issues in the traditional financial market.

The project will select up to 10 students enrolled in exact courses, between the 3rd and 8th periods.

In addition to the certificate of completion, those selected will receive an aid grant for the 4-hour daily internship.

Immersion in the financial market

According to David Gibbin, CEO of Investtools and professor of the course, the project was developed after the fintechs realized a gap in technology professionals in the financial market:

“We began to realize that, in order to offer technologies that meet the needs of the market well, it is necessary to deeply understand the pains of large companies. […] It is only possible thanks to professionals with knowledge of all the links in the chain. ”

In this context, Ana Carolina Roberti, People and Management manager for both companies, analyzed the importance of training students in the area:

“It is difficult to find professionals who have knowledge of both technology and the financial market, the languages ​​involved. Our goal is to train new talents at the beginning of their careers, so that they gain practical experience and develop with this specialization. ”

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