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March Sets A New Benchmark For Zilliqa: BSC Integration, Cross-Chain Transaction, Anti-Fraud Measure, And More



Zilliqa, the public blockchain platform, had a fantastic month in terms of activity, dApp developments, transaction volume, media coverage, and NFT projects. 

Global digital media that covered the ICO’s development in March cumulatively received more than 15 billion visits. Zilliqa is best known for its early implementation of sharding, a scaling solution that breaks transaction validating nodes in blockchain networks into smaller components or “shards.”

Binance Integration And First Cross-Chain Transaction

Zilliqa has expanded the utility of their native token, $ZIL, by integrating with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Holders of $ZIL can utilize BEP-20 ZIL on the BSC DeFi ecosystem, with a liquidity pool launched on PancakeSwap on the 26th of March. They have integrated with the eFIN DEX ecosystem, a decentralized, non-custodial crypto trading platform.

The team celebrated their first end-to-end, cross-chain test transaction on the PolyNet bridge testnet! Developers were able to send a transaction from Zilliqa testnet to Polynet developer testnet and back successfully.

Anti-Fraud Measure And MVP Launch

The team also introduced the $SCAM token as a new anti-fraud measure. The token identifies fraudulent phishing sites and addresses involved in scams. It then mints $SCAM tokens onto these addresses. This will help wallets and explorers identify the threat and warn the community.

Zilliqa has launched SocialPay v2 MVP. The campaign had over 9000 participants from 136 countries and peaked at 1000 concurrent users. The team will be making UX/UI improvements based on feedback received and will be a significant marketing avenue for non-crypto-compatible platforms.

The scam tracker has integration support from ZilPay and Viewblock. The team has also released a local development toolchain named Ceres.

Zilliqa On The Mainstream Media And Updates For The Community

Amrit Kumar, The Co-Chief Investment Officer at Zilliqa Capital, went live on Channel News Asia’s 938. He was invited to talk about NFTs, Zilliqa, and the ecosystem they’re building. Kumar also had an interview with Lea Thompson of the GirlGoneCrypto fame.

Kumar also gave a presentation at the University of St. Gallen on DeFi and Zilliqa. Co-Founder Max Kantelia has released a video explaining NFTs and what makes them valuable. Links to these videos are available in Zilliqa’s March newsletter.

Zilliqa community member and YouTuber CryptoEllis has released a project review of the platform. Jay Freed of the popular YouTube channel A Chain Of Blocks made a video on Zilliqa too. The Zilliqa team invited James Junwoo Kim, co-founder of Xangle, on the latest Hivemind podcast episode. They discussed crypto disclosures, changes in the crypto market from 2017, the Korean market, etc.

ZilPay, the open-source browser add-on for Zilliqa wallet, launched a new site. Prices and charts of the ecosystem are shared on Zilstream, an essential site for holders of $ZIL to track ZRC-2 tokens. The site has been updated with an improved UI and design.

Updates From Zilliqa’s Community Developers

Bibek Poudal, a community developer, wrote an article on deploying fungible tokens programming language. This article is aimed at users who want to learn how to launch their own token on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Blockchained India, one of India’s community-based learning groups, has introduced “100 days of coding”, a program aimed to educate and equip developers with the ability to code in Scilla, helping them create on Zilliqa’s blockchain.

Announcing Zilliqa Capital

Zilliqa capital, the investment arm of Zilliqa, has been announced by the team. It is aimed at identifying promising, disruptive ventures with the potential of building on Zilliqa’s blockchain. Zilliqa Capital will invest in these ventures, taking an active role in supporting the projects and helping them scale rapidly from the seed round.

The news was covered by mainstream media outlets such as Businesswire and Tech in Asia, adding to the exposure Zilliqa has gained last month. Zilliqa Capital is led by the former CEO of Ether Capital, Michael Conn, and will focus on disruptive and innovative startups to invest in and support them in their growth.

Zilliqa’s Future Plans Include NFTs And Ambassador Programs

The team is completing the next Zilliqa major version, 8.0.0, due to be released this month. The release features a revision around the core consensus protocol according to ZIP-14. It will also integrate a new Scilla version that includes support for features that are needed for Zilliqa’s upcoming Staking contract improvements.

Bug fixes and improvements are also part of the package. More details of the same will be announced closer to the date of release. $ZIL to ZRC2 wrapping service will also be coming to the ecosystem soon.

Zilliqa is stepping into NFTs and has a major NFT launch planned for this month, with championship-winning athletes making an appearance. The Zilliqa Ambassadors program aims to incentivize community members for content creation and advocacy and will be released this month. It looks like April will set a new benchmark for the platform too.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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