What sets Immutable X apart, then? According to Immutable’s Ferguson, it’s that their layer-2 blockchain is fully decentralized and built on top of Ethereum. It offers the same level of security and interoperability as Ethereum, plus users maintain custody of their own assets. Your average blockchain game player or NFT collector might not see a difference on the surface, but Ferguson suggests that it’s a vital differentiator.

For Ferguson and Immutable, it isn’t just about the tech though; there’s a philosophical motivation as well. “The security of this future world should not be owned by large corporations, owned by venture capitalists, owned by a government, or by one individual,” Ferguson said.

“It has to live on something truly decentralized; owned by the world. That’s why we’ve chosen to scale Ethereum, rather than move to a sidechain like Matic or move to a VC-owned centralized blockchain.”