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Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: Which Is A Better Store Of Value?



The crypto market is looking great today with Bitcoin being able to smash through $60k once again. The Bitcoin and crypto market price has surged above $2 trillion and took the market into the spotlight once again.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are surging like crazy and today BTC is trading above $60k and ETH is also trading in the green and the digital asset is priced at the moment of writing this article.

There are all kinds of optimistic crypto predictions that are made these days and they are targeting both digital assets.


Bitcoin vs. Ethereum as a store of value

There are all kinds of debates about the battle between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Laura Shin interviewed Mark Cuban on her Podcast ‘Unchained’ about how Ethereum may be a better store of value than Bitcoin and this is what he said.

“I think the applications leveraging smart contracts and extensions on Ethereum will dwarf bitcoin. Bitcoin, right now, has evolved to be primarily a store of value, and it’s very difficult to use it for anything else. You really have to work a lot harder on bitcoin than you do on Ethereum.”


Cuban also explained that he expects Ethereum’s long-awaited 2.0 upgrade will spark the development of apps that “dwarf” BTC.

It’s important to note the fact that this prediction is coming from a man who once said he’d “rather have bananas than bitcoin,” and claiming that crypto is “too complicated” shouldn’t be ignored.

Stay tuned for more news and make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the crypto market to see more bullish news these days.


Earlier, we also revealed that the billionaire investor and Shark Tank veteran Mark Cuban said that Bitcoin will beat gold’s supremacy as a store-of-value asset.

He believes that BTC will fully replace gold for a wide range of investors.

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