VeChain (VET) the Blockchain Ferry to Help Guys to the Other Side of the Future

VeChain has a great role to play when it is about transforming the supply chain and traceability industries.  They have been doing a lot in terms of eliminating inefficiencies in the industry.

Dimitris Neocleous recently tweeted:  “Featuring Gold, The Business Magazine of Cyprus -April 2021 Issue; Discussing E-HCert and the role of blockchain in healthcare” Runs only on VeChain.

Archana Sristy, Walmart Global Tech mentioned VeChain in the 2021 Forbes Blockchain 50.  They claim to be proud to power Walmart China’s Food Traceability Platform.

For clarity, “Forbes Blockchain 50 list has provided a definitive accounting of major global companies that are embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions. During the Forbes event for this year’s launch, listers across the finance and technology industries offered insights about the future of cryptocurrencies—from how they’re affecting investing to whether there’s enough trust in the emerging asset class.”

For those who want to check the mention:  It’s in video link around 1:20.

Sunny Lu, recently stated, “The greater and braver ones are who are building real applications on VeChainThor to reveal the value of Blockchain. VeChain is just a ferry to help you guys to the other side – future.”

When trying to explain the relationship between VeThor and VeChain, one of the users stated, “VeThor is the gas/energy that powers VeChain. One can’t live without the other. Currently they are in about 10:1 Ratio but many think that could be as low as 3:1 further stating only time will tell but VeChain is king.”

The community are happy about the regular interviews offered by Sunny Lu to keep the community informed.  They appreciate all the hard work and the regular interviews to keep users informed. Many of them are waiting to hear FedEx partnering with VeChain.

The community seems to be brewing with expectations.  VeChain (VET) is powerful because of the activities, which are created by individual members in the ecosystem.

There are ample resources facilitated by the VeChain Blockchain.  The Application hub helps users to explore applications and information, which are built on the VeChain Thor Blockchain.  The Developer Info Center provides comprehensive documentation and guides to help start the development on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

The Bounty Programs makes it possible to get more support for projects which are built on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

The VeChain VeResearch program and its outcomes, which includes research partners, research topics, academic papers, published articles and technical write ups are worth exploring for those who are involved in getting to do in depth research


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