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XRP, Tether [USDT] fall back as Dogecoin [DOGE] lands the 4th position



Dogecoin [DOGE] seemed to be overhauling prominent currencies like XRP as well as the largest stablecoin, Tether [USDT]. The altcoin’s latest move added to the series of surprises the coin had been giving the community over the last year.

The asset had garnered a place below the crypto spotlight, right from the beginning as it caught people’s eye for being associated with a meme. DOGE continued to attain traction after Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX began endorsing the altcoin as his favorite crypto. GenZ’s interest in the altcoin on the social media platform, TikTok further added to this. The fervor around the coin continues as DOGE was seen climbing up the crypto ladder while pushing prominent cryptocurrencies down.

Just yesterday, DOGE made news after it rose above the USDT. Earlier today, DOGE once again pushed XRP down below to the fifth position.


XRP Bids Adieu To The Fourth Spot

XRP’s tiff with the SEC almost destroyed the cryptocurrency. However, the asset managed to make its way back to the top both in terms of price as well as market cap. The altcoin had regained a place in the top five, while its price soared above $1. XRP’s stay in the fourth position seemed to be temporary as the market cap of DOGE was seen recording new highs.

At the time of writing, the market cap of DOGE was at a high of $89.52 billion while XRP’s was noted at $65 billion. Additionally, Tether’s market cap was at $52 billion. The rise in Dogecoin’s market cap not only helped the asset land the fourth position but also aided in the surge of the overall market cap, which was at $2.25, during press time.


Furthermore, the price DOGE was also on a roll as it was seemingly aiming for $1. The altcoin was trading for $0.68 with a whopping 56% in the last 24-hours. Over the previous seven days, DOGE reportedly bagged gains of up to 165%. This pump further helped the altcoin garner an array of fans. Several took to Twitter to point out DOGE’s potentials of going to the moon.


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