Elon Musk DOGE Day 05/08 – Who let the Dogs out? Wow Wow

Dogers: Hoping Elon mentions it on SNL. Elon might do this because he knows they will all buy it after he makes Doge buyers filthy rich.

There was a Doge Coin remix: Who let the Doge Out? Easy to Google and Find in You Tube.  Looking at the Doge coin trends now, it just looks like it is real.

Anyone who is benefiting from the Doge Coin rally are like:  WHO LET THE DOGE OUT? WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.

There is no Doge without memes.  For those who are new, it is worth recollecting some concepts of common memes to get newbies get used to the lighter side of the token.

When you buy Dogecoin just because some “crypto expert on social media told you “you will get rich” when you invest in it.  When you buy Dogecoin because it is much fun so wow, such memes and don’t care about the price but about sharing the love.”

Doge Will Moon / Doge Will not Moon / Doge is the Moon.  1 Doge Coin = 1 Doge Coin. Checking Doge Coin prices.

People selling because of dip. People buying because of dip. No highs.  No Lows. Only Doge.

When you are part of a Dogecoin Meme / When you are not part of a Dogecoin Meme.

Spending $30 on Shoes / Spending $3,000 on Dogecoin. Doge throughout history hooman gibme treat plz. Doge now.  I control the finances.

The United States of Dogeland – Still worth it. Holding Doge until past $1 and selling Doge as soon as it hits $0.05.

Confused Happiness:  When you wake up and your doge coin is going better than your Bitcoin. If Dogecoin is a joke why is Elon Musk pumping this meme cryptocurrency.

2021:  Buy a Tesla with 1 BTC. 2031:  Buy a Tesla with 1 Doge. Can you take me higher. Doge needs more memes.

Quickscoper Doge:  The Dank Illuminati Memes. Meme or money maker? A closer look at the Joke cryptocurrency, Dogecoin trading at 42 cents on April 19, Doge Coin trading at a half cent per coin January 2021.

The best performing assets of 2021 are:  A failing video game retailer. A cinema chain close to bankruptcy.  A dog-themed cryptocurrency.

Kabosu, she is 15 years old and was the original face of the doge meme in 2013.

Dogecoin is just made up money with an infinite supply – Federal reserve.