ChainLink (LINK) Starter Kit Showcase Showcasing Best Projects

In April, ChainLink introduced 2.0 and called it the next steps in the evolution of Decentralized Oracle Networks, a 136-page second whitepaper describing how Hybrid Smart Contracts in Defi and beyond are set to reach new heights by making use of Decentralized Oracle Networks.

Critical market data is a deciding factor in several transactions. And, ChainLink assures the accuracy of critical data.

ChainLink is also facilitating Starter Kits Showcase, a month-long attempt for developers to share their projects that use ChainLink starter kits.

Users were also required to show their best projects on Discord and Twitter with the hashtag Starter Kit Showcase.

The blog states, “Over the next month, we encourage you to experiment with our Starter Kits, either by building smart contracts that use Chainlink Price Feeds, VRF, or Any-API functionality, or by improving the Starter Kits in some way or form, and share your projects with the community.”

Those who are interested in getting to know in depth details might want to visit the blog.

For basic clarity, “The Chainlink Starter Kits are open-source projects on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based development frameworks which permit developers to integrate Chainlink features and tools into their projects easily.”

Chainlink (LINK) is known for working to bring in interoperability between platforms. They are focusing on bridging the gap between blockchain technology-based smart contracts and the real world applications.

The price of ChainLink is currently trending in the $48 range. The node operators at ChainLink extract data from off-chain systems to convert it into blockchain-compatible formats further. When they do this they are awarded LINK cryptocurrency.  LINK is an ERC-20 token which is based on Ethereum.

The price of LINK is reportedly linked to the number of node operators. The price of LINK was trending at $11.45 in January; however, the price spiked to $51.7 and hit the high on May 2, 2021.

This has attracted a lot to the project.  The fundamentals of Chainlink are healthy. They have always been launching their products on time, and they have a consistent growth pattern. Many of them hope the price will touch $100 by the end of the year.

This looks like a bit of higher-end expectation given unforeseen competition happening in the Altcoins industry all the time. A $75 to $80 might well be a practical expectation.

There is a ChainLink integration happening every day, and this means they are bringing in new partnerships every day.