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Two cryptos rose over 50,000% in less than three days!



The information might sound insane, but it is very real. Two cryptocurrencies saw their prices rise by more than 50,000% in less than 3 days and there is one of them that recorded a staggering 70,000% growth in today’s trading day. These two cryptos are: Atlas protocol and Rapids.

Focus on these two cryptos which dazzled the markets with their performance!

Atlas Protocol: The crypto of digital marketing


Blockchain technology has also entered the digital marketing industry. One of the leading representatives of blockchain marketing and advertising is Atlas Protocol. The platform was created in 2018 by former Google engineers and other executives with extensive experience in the world of blockchain and digital advertising.

According to statistics available on the platform’s sites, it received more than 1,000,000 requests for advertisements with a conversion rate of 2.85%. Atlas’s solution is to enable businesses to reach more customers with a reduced advertising budget.

Atlas protocol has received multi-million dollar financial support from Baidu ventures, Fenbushi and DHVC.

For its course on the stock market, the madness behind the Atlas token started during this day because only yesterday it was only trading for $ 0.0029 on the markets. Currently, the price of Atlas protocol is above $ 2.00.

It is truly an incredible situation even the Dogecoin or Safemoon did not know such a story. If you take a good look at the crypto price curve, you will see that from January 2019 to the beginning of May 2021, the curve looks flattened. It has changed with an inflection tending towards an exponential curve.

Rapids: Quick social media payments

Evolution of the RPD price

Rapids should not be confused with Rapidz which is a DeFi (decentralized finance) cryptocurrency whose objective is to enable unbanked populations in Southeast Asia to receive payments in cryptos. Rapids’ solution may be the same, but the platform created by British and American engineers intends to facilitate payment through networks.

Through its white paper, Rapids tells us that its blockchain uses PoS to create its tokens and a Masternode network to facilitate the scalability and governance of communities. Regarding payment, both users must have an account on Rapids. The recipient can convert the RPD tokens sent by his friend into fiat currency at will.

As for its stock market development, the dip on Rapids came on the day yesterday where the RPD closed at $ 0.3713 while a day before its closing price stood at $ 0.000154. Like Atlas protocol, the price curve has been completely flattened since its inception in January 2019 in May. The token lifted off during yesterday’s daily session.

Where can I buy RPD and Atlas Protocol tokens?

Unfortunately, these two tokens are not yet available in the largest exchanges in the market namely Binance, Coinbase, Libertex and eToro. At the moment you will find the Rapids crypto on Gravie, StakeCube, Crex24, FreiExchange. As for Atlas Protocol, its tokens are available from Huobi Global, Gâ and LBank.

We will not end without repeating this sentence: “ before buying any cryptocurrency, be sure to find out about the platform behind the token and see if it’s really worth the investment. ”

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