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Cardano CEO Answers Top Questions During Important AMA



The Cardano Foundation was revealing the day before that the CEO was answering important questions that people have during a Reddit AMA.


The blog post noted, “The Cardano Foundation is holding another fireside chat – with CEO Frederik Gregaard and Chief Growth Officer Eva Oberholzer. We’ll give you a general update and discuss recent accomplishments in the chat. But we also want to try and get more of a dialogue going with you, the broader community.”

Check out the complete original post in order to see the best questions and answers.

Cardano addresses stakepool exploiting loopholes

The other day, the Cardano Foundation addressed something that’s recently happened regarding stakepools on their Twitter account.


The team behind the project noted the following:


The Cardano Foundation dropped another tweet on their social media account:


We suggest that you check out the complete thread posted by the Cardano Foundation in order to learn more about what people had to say about the issue.

Cardano has been making lots of headlines thanks to the numerous achievements that the team has been marking almost on a weekly basis.

The Cardano community was very excited this week when the crypto exchange Kraken announced the ability to stake ADA coins.


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